What to look out for – Signs of brain tumor


The percentage of patients who are suffering from Brain tumor are increasing and statistics spell out that the problem can be rectified if they have been diagnosed well in advance.

The signs of brain tumor are not similar for every patient and different patients experience different symptoms.  First and foremost, get in touch with a doctor who would advise you a brain scan and this will help in identifying if there is a problem. Once the condition has been identified and established, it is easier to find out how to provide the right treatment and medication.

brain tumor

Varied signs of brain tumor

Headache is the most common symptom and more than fifty percent of people suffer from these if they have been detected with a brain tumor.  There is no specific reason for the headache.  In addition to these excruciating headaches, the patient also suffers from vomiting and nausea even if he or she takes the slightest effort.

The patient may suffer from seizures and it could be anything from trauma, stroke or epilepsy and if these symptoms persist, one has to visit the doctor.  There are patients who have been healthy before and if there is a change in their health condition, it has to be addressed in the right fashion. Loss of muscle control, behavioral changes and irritation and loss of sensation are other factors that can be attributed to signs of brain tumor.

Loss of vision and slurred speech

Patients suffering from brain tumor will find that their speech is not clear and there is a vision related problem.  Vomiting and nausea are the most common symptoms that are observed in brain tumor patients.  Tiredness and fatigue combined with weakness of the facial muscles and legs are other visible symptoms. If the patient feels that there is a change in the way he or she walks or even if they are finding it difficult to express feelings and are experiencing strange sensations, it is surely call of worry and it needs to be addressed in the right fashion. This is a call for an emergency treatment and one should not take it lightly.

Symptoms related to brain tumor

Brain tumors can appear on any area of the brain. It could be parietal lobe, frontal lobe, temporal lobe or occipital lobe.  There are patients who have these tumors on the brain stem or cerebellum as well.  The doctor would be able to identify and diagnose the condition and suggest the right treatment.


Last but not the least, once these visible signs of brain tumor are observed, one should not put off a visit to the doctor. Get things clarified and if there is a problem, address it with the right treatment.  At times, there are patients who also experience changes in memory and personality, speech changes, abnormal blinking and movement of the eyes and so on. Be observant and educate yourself on how to tackle medical problems by seeking the right help and advice from doctors before it gets too late.




How to identify signs of brain tumor?

There has been a lot of talk about brain tumor and the various signs of the same.  As per statistics, the percentage of people suffering from this tumor is increasing and many neurologists are trying their level best to fight this health ailment.  Radiation therapy is the best possible treatment to fight problems of brain tumor which is a dangerous and harmful disease. Let us find out about the various signs of brain tumor that affect the person.

Signs of brain tumor

The signs vary from nausea, headaches, vomiting, vision loss, hearing impairment and these happen in stages. The sooner you are able to identify the signs, the greater are the chances of recovery and vice versa.

signs of brain tumor

People who have been diagnosed with brain tumor would have previously experienced severe headaches and bouts of pain in the head. During the initial stages, the problem can be addressed but if this is left undetected, it may prove to be fatal. It is better to approach a health practitioner who would be able to identify the problem and suggest the right medication and treatment for the same.

Feeling of restlessness, nausea and vomiting

Vomiting along with nausea are the other signs of brain tumor. A good and experience neurologist would be able to identify the problem and will also suggest the right medication.  Patients have also experienced hearing disability or impairment.

When a brain tumor is identified in the stage 1, immediate operation can be performed before it spreads and it becomes risky and dangerous.  When the problem enters the stage 3, it becomes difficult and can be fatal too.  During stage 3, the cells multiply and the problem is considered serious.  When there is no other option left, the patient has to be operated so that he is able to survive the problem.    It is advised to treat the ailment in the initial stages before it spreads further.

Difficult to identify symptoms of brain tumors

At times, it becomes difficult to actually pinpoint the brain tumor symptoms as the symptoms may be very much common to a stomach problem, gastric problem, acidity or so on.  As a responsible individual, you are supposed to go for the right tests and consult the expert so as to clear away any doubt from your mind. Patients also experience double vision, confusion when they have these bouts of headaches.  Also, patients find that the headache worsens with coughing or on strenuous physical activity.  These are signs to watch out for.

Neck pain – Another visible sign

There is neck pain which can be quite throbbing and also gastric problems of the stomach may be associated with brain tumors.  There are close to forty percent of patients who experience a seizure when they have been detected with a brain tumor.  During the seizures the patient loses control and gets confused and gets a tingling sensation.  An experienced brain doctor will be able to advise and guide the patient with regards to medication, exercises, and food habits and so on.